Idle Hands

Development and strategy.

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Paul Tucker

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Motion oriented website for a premium personal trainer.

Collaboration with LOBSTER and SALT

Listen Festival

visit the archived 2018 version

Festival website where the intro graphic is a functioning music toybox. Arrange your own track.

Collaboration with LOBSTER and Alexander Choeb

NikeLab at VOO Store Berlin

In-store installation for Ricardo Tisci's capsule collection for NikeLab

Collaboration with Set-Office Architects & Michiel De Vreede

Classic Clubbing

visit the archived 2018 version

National Orchestra of Belgium concert series in nightclubs.

Combining nightlife visuals with classical music, the 3D sphere is real-time generated to a classic score.

Collaboration with LOBSTER

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Large scale corporate insurance site.

Development for Edenspiekermann Los Angeles


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Delicious looking Shopify wrapper for Belgium's first snack containing real crickets.

Design by Studio Gloria

New York Fashion Week: Devon Halfnight Leflufy

Imposition of a VR showroom onto a real life showroom. All models scanned in 3D, represented in a VR environment inspired by the designer's collection

Collaboration with Tom Galle, Moises Sanabria and Alissa Davis